Six Dot Celebrations

Six Dot Celebrations ​ is the second UEB product from BRL2 Publishing. It is a fun and informative way to practice students' UEB reading and writing skills while celebrating the seasons and 35 different holidays celebrated in the United States and Canada. Secondary students can read all about the history and traditions associated with each of the included holidays, and students from mid-elementary through high school can enjoy the additional activities included for over half of those holidays. The wide variety of activities include various types of word puzzles and games, stories, math story problems, braille art, crafts, and kid-friendly recipes. Like UEB Too, Six Dot Celebrations is being provided on a USB drive that contains Word, Duxbury, and BRF files for the teacher and  student editions, enabling an individual teacher to print and emboss the copies needed for themselves and their students. As a bonus, a large print copy is included so that non-braille readers can join their braille-reading peers in the fun!

The price per USB drive is $60 plus shipping of $4.00 (within the US for up to 4 USB drives in the same mailer). Please contact BRL2 Publishing for quotes on international shipping, optional insurance on shipping, and/or shipping more than 4 copies.